Pioneer Games is a team of recent graduates from the University of the West of Scotland covering a variety of vocations. Each member of the team has their own creative spark which is the reason we came together, we’re passionate about games and we hope to see our own ideas and concepts brought to life. Currently working on our first major project and the team is eager to demonstrate our abilities and start contributing to the video games industry.


Feralz is a 2D Adventure Puzzle Platformer which will follow the story of the adorable yet vicious island-dwelling-tribal creatures. Primarily designed for mobile platforms and inspired by early PC games such as Lemmings. In the aftermath of an unnatural storm which has struck the Feralz homeland some tribe members have been displaced to the surrounding islands. The chieftain (player) must control the actions of the Feralz and combine multiple classes to both vanquish enemies and overcome environmental dangers to rescue their fellow tribe members. Various class combinations can be used to overcome the same obstacle allowing multiple playstyles.


Pioneer Games Ltd.


Pioneer Games is a fresh, innovative games studio in production of thier maiden title Feralz.



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